Skills 2 Thrive Afterschool Program

The past two years Always Believe has provided 3 hours a session 3 times a week of afterschool homework help, meals, field trips and life skills development for middle and high school students. The results of this program are 80% increase in math and reading at grade level as well as each student advanced to the next grade level. The new program will focus on students that are on a nontraditional vocational track by providing them trade school 101 courses, tutoring, agricultural techniques and field trips.

MB1 Program

Always Believe Inc. MB1 program, sponsored in part by Reebok, allows at-risk youth the opportunity to be a part of the MB1 AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) teams to gain exposure athletically and academically. The program is geared towards players 14 years old and MB1-logo Finals-01under, and 16 years old and under to play in tournaments, many of which scouts will attend. This provides the players to successfully gain basketball exposure that could potentially land them a scholarship. Program participants will be challenged educationally, in Math, Science, and Reading and will be required to attend educational seminars to better their techniques. All profits from the program will go to Always Believe Inc., a non-profit organization who has made it our mission to aid youth in the community through education, character building exercises, and fitness helping them become well-rounded citizens.

Leadership Development Programs

We establish a mock government in which participating children will take on leadership roles within the community. Each summer the children will decide on a production they would like to perform for the community. The children will be involved in deciding what they will perform, creating the stage, advertising the production, and being performers.

DSCN0470Character Building Programs

We establish a cross-cultural education program that will consist of field trips to museums, performing arts, yearly cultural potlucks and also bring in members of cultures to educate and inform. We host a monthly family dinner with children and their parents/guardians in hopes to build a relationship with the children’s immediate influences and raise their awareness.

Sports and Recreation Activities

We establish a fitness program that will teach proper exercise and nutrition goals for a healthy lifestyle.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Education and Mentoring Programs

We establish a mentoring program that will pair the children in our care with a mentor that suits their individual needs. We also establish a tutoring program to assist the children with academic challenges they may have.


Chef Kim’s Cooking Camp

Chef Kim’s Cooking Camp is a program that instills her love of cooking in

444975655_640the hearts of children, aiming to give youth, who may not have someone making every meal, the opportunity to try their hand at creating their own meals. For a week, young “Chefs” learn how to cook special recipes, gain hands-on experience with sautéing, frying, baking, and other culinary kitchen skills, all while enjoying their tasty treats. This camp focuses on pre-teen/teens, teaching them about nutrition following the “My Plate” health guide, an initiative headed by First Lady, Michelle Obama, and kitchen safety. This camp gives at-risk youth the opportunity to have a fun time, in a productive space with delicious eats!